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What is Juggle?

In layman’s terms, Juggle is a Management Console designed to create and manage Events. Juggle is designed to run on any and all versions of Microsoft Windows Operation System.


Why should I use Juggle?

Does your company offer its clients a range of products? Do you have to manage numerous events, orders or appointments? Then the Juggle Events Management Console is what you have been looking for!

Juggle give you the ability to easily create custom events, add bookings to an event, keep track of booking statuses (EG: Payments) and much more.

For a full list of features, please [Click Here] to view our Juggle Features Page.



Compueasy Releases Juggle 1.1

When more and more requests streamed in for an in-house EMC (Events Management Console), we here at Compueasy went strait to work developing our first commercial CMS (Content Management System) for the Small and Medium Business.

Our developing team has more than 13 years of Events Management Programming experience and has put special effort into making sure that Juggle EMC is easy to setup and even easier to use!

If you which to put Juggle EMC’s Power to the test, feel free to download the Free Trail version from our Downloads page.



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